Links for NST IB Physics A/B `Mathematical Methods' 2022

Handouts | Corrections | Additions | Resources | Books/Formula Handbook

16 lectures, Michaelmas term, F and M, 11:00am in Cormack Room, University Centre.

1) Handouts

The handouts and problem sheets for this course are available from the course page of the Cavendish Teaching Information System (TiS) website, for registered users.

2) Corrections

Here are corrections for the printed handouts.

3) Additions

Here are .pdfs of additional material shown in the lectures.

4) Resources on the Web

As the course progresses I will give here links to resources on the Web that relate to various topics discussed in the lectures.

5) Books/Formula Handbook

There are many books that cover the material in this course, including the following.

Dave Green

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