Radiation Processes

  1. Introduction: luminosity, flux density, surface brightness, radiation pressure; radiation energy density; blackbody radiation; polarisation, Stokes parameters.  (pdf.1)  (pdf.2)
  2. Radiative transfer: emission; absorbtion; scattering; radiative transfer equation; optical depth; Kirchoff's law; introduction to emission processes.  (pdf)
  3. Bremstrahlung emission: outline of physics involved; absorbtion and optical depth; typical spectrum; examples.  (pdf)
  4. Synchrotron emission: outline of physics involved; synchrotron self-absorbtion; typical spectrum; minimum energy arguments; spectral aging; examples.  (pdf)
  5. Dust emission: optical extinction; grain optics; typical spectrum; composition; polarisation. (pdf)
  6. Emission lines: Einstein parameters; radiative transfer revisited; collisional excitation; equivalent widths; examples.  (pdf)
  7. Molecular spectra: rotation and vibration lines; line splitting; atomic lines; recombination lines; examples.  (pdf)
  8. Thompson scattering; Compton scattering; primordial CMB; S-Z effect; foreground separation.  (pdf)

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