Part IB Advanced Physics


Questions about the course are answered here:  

The course handout is here in .pdf format: manual.pdf and in .ps format

Worked answers to the problems: (first half) answers1.pdf (second half) answers2.pdf

These will be handed out at lectures 12 and 24. If you want some help/hints before that, you can email me (use the question/answer system above) and I will post frequently-asked questions. I am prepared to post worked answers to a few of the questions on the web before they are given out to the class as a whole.

Supervisors' special edition of the worked answers is available now. E-mail me to obtain a copy.

Copies of the lecture notes are available here:

(.pdf files 2 per page/landscape --- email me if you want other formats)

Electrostatics: electro.pdf (Lectures 1-5)

Dielectric media: dielect.pdf (Lectures 6-8)

Magnetostatics: magneto.pdf (Lectures 9-12)

Magnetic media: magmedia.pdf (Lectures 13-15)

Electromagnetic induction: inductn.pdf (Lectures 16-18)

Electromagnetic waves: waves.pdf (Lectures 19-21)

Transmission lines and waveguides: transmit.pdf (Lectures 22-24)

Copies of the summary sheets:

Lectures 1-11 summary1.pdf

Lectures 12-24 summary2.pdf

Other Links

Some very nice electromagnetic field lines demonstrations from John Belcher at MIT

Stunning Swedish demonstrations! Must see: Ida menu

Need some help with vectors? I have a handout in preparation, but try Dave Green's handout from the Mathematical Concepts in Physics course (only available from machines):

Want to know more about vectors and other geometric objects? Warning: contains pure snake oilů Introductory paper: Imaginary Numbers are not Real.pdf

More details about our Geometric Algebra group: