Note: this is an archived version which has been superseded. The current SNR catalogue is at

Galactic SNRs: Detailed Listings

Please see the documentation for notes on the entries for each SNR in the catalogue, and for details of many possible and probable SNRs not listed in the catalogue. There are also lists of other names used for these SNRs, and the abbreviations for journals and telescopes that are used in the detailed listings.

The listings include links to abstracts/papers at The NASA Astrophysics Data System for most references after 1975.

The full detailed listings for all the SNRs, with documentation, is available as postscript or pdf for downloading and printing.

You can browse the detailed listings ordered in Galactic longitude ranges:

Or, you can pick an individual SNR from the following list: G0.0+0.0, G0.3+0.0, G0.9+0.1, G1.0-0.1, G1.4-0.1, G1.9+0.3, G3.7-0.2, G3.8+0.3, G4.2-3.5, G4.5+6.8, G4.8+6.2, G5.2-2.6, G5.4-1.2, G5.9+3.1, G6.1+1.2, G6.4-0.1, G6.4+4.0, G7.0-0.1, G7.7-3.7, G8.7-5.0, G8.7-0.1, G9.8+0.6, G10.0-0.3, G11.2-0.3, G11.4-0.1, G12.0-0.1, G13.3-1.3, G13.5+0.2, G15.1-1.6, G15.9+0.2, G16.2-2.7, G16.7+0.1, G16.8-1.1, G17.4-2.3, G17.8-2.6, G18.8+0.3, G18.9-1.1, G20.0-0.2, G21.5-0.9, G21.8-0.6, G22.7-0.2, G23.3-0.3, G23.6+0.3, G24.7-0.6, G24.7+0.6, G27.4+0.0, G27.8+0.6, G28.6-0.1, G28.8+1.5, G29.6+0.1, G29.7-0.3, G30.7-2.0, G30.7+1.0, G31.5-0.6, G31.9+0.0, G32.0-4.9, G32.1-0.9, G32.8-0.1, G33.2-0.6, G33.6+0.1, G34.7-0.4, G36.6-0.7, G36.6+2.6, G39.2-0.3, G39.7-2.0, G40.5-0.5, G41.1-0.3, G42.8+0.6, G43.3-0.2, G43.9+1.6, G45.7-0.4, G46.8-0.3, G49.2-0.7, G53.6-2.2, G54.1+0.3, G54.4-0.3, G55.0+0.3, G55.7+3.4, G57.2+0.8, G59.5+0.1, G59.8+1.2, G63.7+1.1, G65.1+0.6, G65.3+5.7, G65.7+1.2, G67.7+1.8, G68.6-1.2, G69.0+2.7, G69.7+1.0, G73.9+0.9, G74.0-8.5, G74.9+1.2, G76.9+1.0, G78.2+2.1, G82.2+5.3, G84.2-0.8, G84.9+0.5, G85.4+0.7, G85.9-0.6, G89.0+4.7, G93.3+6.9, G93.7-0.2, G94.0+1.0, G106.3+2.7, G109.1-1.0, G111.7-2.1, G114.3+0.3, G116.5+1.1, G116.9+0.2, G119.5+10.2, G120.1+1.4, G126.2+1.6, G127.1+0.5, G130.7+3.1, G132.7+1.3, G156.2+5.7, G160.9+2.6, G166.0+4.3, G166.2+2.5, G179.0+2.6, G180.0-1.7, G182.4+4.3, G184.6-5.8, G189.1+3.0, G192.8-1.1, G205.5+0.5, G206.9+2.3, G260.4-3.4, G261.9+5.5, G263.9-3.3, G266.2-1.2, G272.2-3.2, G279.0+1.1, G284.3-1.8, G286.5-1.2, G289.7-0.3, G290.1-0.8, G291.0-0.1, G292.0+1.8, G292.2-0.5, G293.8+0.6, G294.1-0.0, G296.1-0.5, G296.5+10.0, G296.8-0.3, G298.5-0.3, G298.6-0.0, G299.2-2.9, G299.6-0.5, G301.4-1.0, G302.3+0.7, G304.6+0.1, G308.1-0.7, G308.8-0.1, G309.2-0.6, G309.8+0.0, G310.6-0.3, G310.8-0.4, G311.5-0.3, G312.4-0.4, G315.4-2.3, G315.4-0.3, G315.9-0.0, G316.3-0.0, G317.3-0.2, G318.2+0.1, G318.9+0.4, G320.4-1.2, G320.6-1.6, G321.9-1.1, G321.9-0.3, G322.5-0.1, G323.5+0.1, G326.3-1.8, G327.1-1.1, G327.4+0.4, G327.4+1.0, G327.6+14.6, G328.4+0.2, G329.7+0.4, G330.0+15.0, G330.2+1.0, G332.0+0.2, G332.4-0.4, G332.4+0.1, G335.2+0.1, G336.7+0.5, G337.0-0.1, G337.2-0.7, G337.3+1.0, G337.8-0.1, G338.1+0.4, G338.3-0.0, G338.5+0.1, G340.4+0.4, G340.6+0.3, G341.2+0.9, G341.9-0.3, G342.0-0.2, G342.1+0.9, G343.0-6.0, G343.1-2.3, G343.1-0.7, G344.7-0.1, G345.7-0.2, G346.6-0.2, G347.3-0.5, G348.5-0.0, G348.5+0.1, G348.7+0.3, G349.2-0.1, G349.7+0.2, G350.0-2.0, G351.2+0.1, G351.7+0.8, G351.9-0.9, G352.7-0.1, G353.9-2.0, G354.1+0.1, G354.8-0.8, G355.6-0.0, G355.9-2.5, G356.2+4.5, G356.3-0.3, G356.3-1.5, G357.7-0.1, G357.7+0.3, G358.0+3.8, G359.0-0.9, G359.1-0.5 and G359.1+0.9.
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